Ex-Special Forces Soldier, Running for Virginia House Seat, Secures Endorsement from Veteran GOP Lawmaker

Credits: Fox News

Derrick Anderson, a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets and a veteran of combat, has received another significant endorsement in his campaign to win Virginia’s 7th Congressional District seat for the Republican Party.

Representative Jen Kiggans, a Republican from Virginia and a former helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy, announced on Friday her endorsement of Anderson’s candidacy.

The 7th District, currently represented by Democrat Abigail Spanberger, is a key target for the GOP in the 2024 elections as they seek to strengthen their slim majority in the House of Representatives.

Ex-Special Force Soldier (Credits: Fox News)

“I am pleased to endorse Derrick Anderson, who is seeking to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District,” Kiggans stated in a release to Fox News Digital. “Derrick’s pragmatic conservative approach is precisely what is needed in Washington.

As a fellow veteran, I am confident that Derrick will tirelessly advocate for a strong military and for the mission of enhancing our nation’s strength.”

Anderson’s campaign has been gaining momentum, with this latest endorsement adding to his growing list of supporters. His background as a Green Beret and combat veteran has resonated with many voters in the district, who see him as a strong advocate for military issues and national security.

If elected, Anderson has pledged to focus on a range of issues, including supporting veterans, strengthening the military, and promoting conservative values in Congress.

His campaign has already received endorsements from several other prominent figures in the Republican Party, as well as from grassroots organizations and local leaders.

The race for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District is expected to be highly competitive, with both parties vying for control of the seat.

Anderson’s endorsement by Rep. Kiggans is seen as a significant boost to his campaign and a sign of growing support for his candidacy within the Republican Party.

As the campaign heats up, Anderson will continue to make his case to voters in the district, highlighting his experience and conservative values as reasons why he is the best choice to represent them in Congress.

With the support of Rep. Kiggans and others, he is hoping to flip the district from blue to red in the 2024 elections and help strengthen the GOP’s majority in the House.

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