US Secretary of State Blinken Describes Bulgaria as an Exceptional Partner to US

Credits: WTRF

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken praised Bulgaria as an exceptional partner to the US and Europe during a meeting with Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel.

The meeting, attended by ministers of Finance and Defence, focused on various aspects of cooperation, including defense, nuclear energy, and modernization of the Bulgarian Armed Forces with new equipment like Stryker armored combat vehicles and F-16 Block 70 fighter jets.

Blinken emphasized the deepening integration between Bulgaria, the European Union, and NATO, thanking Bulgaria for its leadership in assisting Ukraine, which is crucial for security and stability in the Black Sea region.

Blinken (Credits: RFE/RL)

Prime Minister Denkov highlighted Bulgaria’s role in protecting the Black Sea region and NATO’s Eastern flank, viewing current challenges as opportunities for regional development and positioning Bulgaria and NATO for stability.

He thanked the US for its support during Russia’s gas supply stoppage to Bulgaria, emphasizing the reliability of the US-Bulgaria partnership. The discussions also covered the fight against disinformation and coordination efforts in this regard.

Denkov underscored the importance of the South-North corridor’s development, connecting Greek ports through Bulgaria to Romania, Ukraine, and Moldova.

This corridor requires significant investments but is crucial for economic and defense development in the region. The meeting also addressed combating trafficking in human beings and dual-use goods.