US Mission to OSCE Criticizes Azerbaijan Election for Lack of Genuine Competition

Credits: Ազատություն Ռադիոկայան

The US Mission to the OSCE agrees with ODIHR’s findings that the presidential election in Azerbaijan on February 7 was conducted under constraints that limited genuine competition. This position was expressed in a statement issued by the US Mission to the OSCE.

In the statement, the United States reaffirmed its strong support for ODIHR and its election observation missions. The US emphasized its appreciation for the diligent, professional, and impartial assessments provided by ODIHR observers and underscored its commitment to taking their recommendations seriously.

Azerbaijan has made commitments in its constitution and through international agreements to uphold human rights, fundamental freedoms, and democratic processes.

Azerbaijan Presidential Election (Credits: OSCE)

The United States encourages Azerbaijan to fulfill these commitments and to implement the recommendations put forth by ODIHR, both those from past reports and those that will be forthcoming.

The US statement highlights the importance of free and fair elections as a cornerstone of democracy and expresses the hope that Azerbaijan will take concrete steps to ensure future elections adhere to international standards.

The statement also acknowledges the valuable role played by ODIHR in promoting democracy and human rights through its election observation missions.

Overall, the US Mission to the OSCE’s statement reflects a commitment to supporting democratic values and institutions, and encourages Azerbaijan to uphold its commitments to democracy and human rights.

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