Prince Harry Faces Backlash for US Interview on King Charles: ‘It’s Not His Story to Tell!’

Prince Harry (Credits: SheKnows)

GB News host Stephen Dixon recently expressed his disapproval of Prince Harry’s upcoming interview on American television. The royal is expected to discuss on a breakfast chat show his meeting with King Charles, his life with Meghan, and his advocacy for wounded warriors.

In a teaser trailer released by the broadcaster, the Duke of Sussex’s interview has already generated controversy. Dixon’s criticism stems from the belief that Prince Harry should not be discussing private family matters, such as his meeting with King Charles, on a public platform.

The host’s comments reflect a broader sentiment among some that members of the royal family should maintain a level of discretion regarding personal and familial affairs.

Prince Harry (Credits: SheKnows)

The teaser trailer for the interview indicates that Prince Harry will delve into various aspects of his life, including his experiences with Meghan and his commitment to supporting wounded warriors.

While the interview is anticipated to provide insights into the royal’s perspective on these topics, Dixon’s comments suggest that discussing sensitive family issues in a public forum may not be appropriate.

The Duke of Sussex has been known for his candidness in interviews, often sharing personal experiences and opinions on a range of topics. However, his decision to discuss his meeting with King Charles has raised eyebrows, particularly given the private nature of such discussions within the royal family.

Despite the criticism, Prince Harry’s interview is likely to attract significant attention, as it offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the royal family.

His insights into his life with Meghan and his advocacy work are expected to resonate with many viewers, highlighting the challenges and successes he has faced since stepping back from royal duties.

It remains to be seen how Prince Harry’s interview will be received by the public and the royal family. While some may view his openness as refreshing, others may criticize him for discussing sensitive family matters in a public forum. As the interview airs, it is likely to spark further debate and discussion about the role of the royal family in the modern world.

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