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Brazenly Cynical Tactics in California’s US Senate Race Fuel Democratic Infighting

“Brazenly Cynical”: Why California’s US Senate Race Has Democrats at Each Other’s Throats

Adam Schiff and Katie Porter, both prominent figures in California politics, find themselves embroiled in a bitter dispute over former Dodgers’ first baseman Steve Garvey. Despite their differing baseball allegiances, the tension between them stems not from sports rivalries but from political maneuvering in the race for the California Senate seat.

Schiff, a Democrat, has launched ads targeting Garvey, a move that has inadvertently raised the profile of the Republican candidate, potentially benefiting Schiff’s primary bid against fellow Democrats Porter and Barbara Lee.

Porter accuses Schiff of attempting to sideline progressive Democratic contenders from the race, criticizing his efforts to influence the primary outcome. Schiff, however, defends his actions, stating that he is merely engaging in fair competition and highlighting contrasts between himself and Garvey.

Brazenly Cynical Tactics in California's US Senate Race Fuel Democratic Infighting

Brazenly Cynical Tactics in California’s US Senate Race Fuel Democratic Infighting (Credits: The Nation)

The root of this conflict lies in California’s “jungle” primary system, where candidates from all parties compete on the same ballot, with the top two advancing to the general election. Porter suggests that Schiff’s focus on Garvey is a strategic move to avoid facing her directly in the general election, speculating that Garvey would be a weaker opponent for Schiff in November.

As the primary election approaches, tensions have escalated between Schiff and Porter, who represent different political ideologies and backgrounds. Schiff, known for his moderate stance and ties to the Democratic establishment, emphasizes his experience and ability to navigate Washington politics effectively.

In contrast, Porter portrays herself as an outsider challenging the influence of corporate interests in politics, highlighting her firsthand understanding of the struggles faced by ordinary families.

Meanwhile, Garvey, despite his limited campaign resources and lackluster debate performances, remains a notable contender due to his name recognition from his baseball career. While Schiff’s team seeks to capitalize on Garvey’s popularity to sideline Porter, she remains determined to secure a direct matchup with Schiff in the general election.

Porter’s criticism of Schiff’s tactics echoes historical strategies employed by California politicians, who have previously sought to manipulate primary outcomes to their advantage. Despite the contentious atmosphere, both Schiff and Porter remain steadfast in their campaigns, unwilling to back down in the face of opposition.

As the primary election date looms closer, the race for the California Senate seat grows increasingly intense, with each candidate vying for an opportunity to represent their party in the general election and, ultimately, the Senate.

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