Biden’s Legal Team Urged DOJ to Exclude Criticism of His Age in Report

Report: Biden Attorneys Pushed DOJ to Omit Language Critical of His Age

Reports reveal that President Joe Biden’s legal team exerted pressure on the Justice Department to exclude language from special counsel Robert Hur’s report that criticized Biden’s age and memory.

According to sources cited by ABC News and the New York Times, attorneys Ed Siskel and Bob Bauer, representing Biden, wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland, expressing concern that details in the report regarding the President’s recollections during an interview with investigators violated departmental policies.

Multiple individuals confirmed this communication with the New York Times. In response, Bradley Weinsheimer, a senior Justice Department official, defended the inclusion of the language, stating it was not intended to criticize or demean the President but rather to elucidate Hur’s conclusions about Biden’s state of mind regarding classified information.

Biden (Credits: The Hill)

Following the release of Hur’s report, Siskel and Bauer contested Weinsheimer’s assertion, insisting that the language in the report diverged from departmental policies.

As Breitbart News previously highlighted, Hur’s report noted Biden’s cognitive decline, impacting his memory, which factored into the decision not to prosecute him for retaining classified documents.

The report acknowledged evidence of Biden willfully retaining and disclosing classified materials but did not establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. However, Hur’s evaluation of Biden’s significantly limited memory contributed to the decision not to pursue prosecution.

The report anticipated challenges in convincing a jury to convict Biden, citing his advanced age and diminished mental faculties, which may evoke sympathy and raise doubts about his intent.

Hur’s report extensively detailed examples of Biden’s cognitive limitations, including his failure to recall significant events, such as his son Beau’s death.

Notably, a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll underscored widespread sentiment among Americans that Biden, given his age, is unfit to serve another term.

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