UNLV President to Host Town Hall on Mental Health for Students

Credits: KSNV

In response to the tragic shooting incident on campus last year, UNLV’s President, Dr. Keith Whitfield, has announced an important initiative called “Rebel Recovery.” As part of this effort, he will host a mental health town hall specifically for university students.

The town hall is scheduled to take place on February 27 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. This annual event aims to provide students with a platform to ask questions, acquire essential coping and wellness skills, and access resources for mental health support.

To attend, students are required to sign up online. While the town hall is primarily for students, there will also be a concurrent tabling event in the Student Union’s second-floor art gallery, where wellness staff will offer mental health resources. President Whitfield emphasized that the event is open to everyone, not just students.

UNLV President (Credits: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

President Whitfield highlighted the significance of this initiative, stating, “It is one of the many ways in which we’re centering mental health and wellness as part of the Rebel Recovery process to build a strong culture of compassion and understanding.”

In addition to the mental health town hall, President Whitfield provided updates on other campus operations:

  • The Faculty Senate has formed a committee to plan a permanent campus memorial in honor of the faculty members lost on December 6. They are also considering a temporary memorial.
  • University Police Services (UPD) is close to completing the investigation into the hate-filled email sent to some Black faculty shortly after the shooting. An update will be provided soon.
  • Five new police officers have been sworn in by UPD and will begin serving campuses soon, with five more recruits entering the academy.
  • Temporary repairs have been made to the roughly 500 doors damaged on December 6.

President Whitfield expressed his confidence in the UNLV community’s ability to move forward together, stating, “We will continue to move forward collectively and remain UNLV strong.”

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