Biden’s More Conservative Stance on Immigration Riles Advocates, Yet Finds Support Among Many Democrats

Credits: NBC News

In his 2020 campaign, Joe Biden promised to reverse many of Donald Trump’s immigration policies, particularly those related to asylum seekers at the southern border.

However, this year, Biden supported a Senate proposal that would have imposed daily limits on border crossings. Democrats plan to campaign for his reelection by blaming Republicans for the collapse of this deal.

This shift in rhetoric has Democrats reframing the immigration debate, moving from embracing more welcoming policies to advocating for tougher border security, aligning with long-standing Republican positions.

Biden (Credits: NBC News)

While this strategy may risk alienating some immigrant supporters, it appears to be effective for Democrats, as seen in a recent special election in New York.

Democratic strategist Maria Cardona believes that Democrats should emphasize tough border security alongside increased legal pathways for immigrants. This approach contrasts with the Republican stance, which Democrats argue was not serious about border security.

Tom Suozzi, a Democrat who won the recent special election in New York, ran ads supporting more border security and featuring his support for ICE. Suozzi also supports Biden’s plan for a path to citizenship for Dreamers.

Despite criticism from some immigrant advocates, many Democrats believe that Biden’s approach is better than a potential return to Trump’s policies. However, some activists and politicians, like former presidential candidate Julián Castro, argue that Biden is adopting Trump’s tactics and alienating his base.

The collapsed border proposal included provisions for vulnerable asylum seekers and an increase in immigrant visas. While the National Border Patrol Council and the Chamber of Commerce supported it, over 130 organizations opposed it, citing concerns about tougher asylum standards.

In Nevada, a key swing state, Democrats are largely supportive of Biden’s approach, emphasizing the need for an orderly process at the border while also calling for broad immigration reforms.

Overall, Democrats are navigating a delicate balance between tough border security and immigration reform, with Biden’s approach facing criticism from some but garnering support from others within the party.

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