Al-Sudani Hosts Group of US Congress Members in Munich


Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani met with four members of the US Congress, including Mike Turner, Mikie Sherrill, Joe Wilson, and Gerry Connolly, on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference 2024.

The meeting focused on enhancing bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, with discussions covering various areas of mutual interest.

The discussions included talks on the conclusion of the coalition’s mission in Iraq, considering the advanced readiness and performance of the Iraqi security forces.

The transition toward comprehensive bilateral relations between Iraq, the United States, and other coalition member states was also a key topic.

Congress Members (Credits: 1Lurer)

Prime Minister Al-Sudani emphasized the importance of expanding relations between the two countries beyond just security, across different levels and sectors.

He highlighted Iraq’s ongoing recovery efforts and its commitment to reforms in economic and financial sectors. Additionally, he mentioned Iraq’s efforts to establish comprehensive economic partnerships with regional and global partners to promote development and ensure stability.

The US Congress members expressed their interest in the success of the Iraqi government and acknowledged the significance of Iraq in enhancing security and stability in the region. They emphasized the importance of constructive cooperation and reviewed various issues of mutual interest.

Overall, the meeting underscored the importance of broadening relations between Iraq and the United States, moving towards a comprehensive partnership that goes beyond security concerns.

Both sides expressed commitment to strengthening ties and working together to promote stability and development in Iraq and the region.

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