New York Judge Deems Michael Cohen’s Testimony ‘Credible’ in Trump Civil Fraud Trial

Credits: Los Angeles Times

Judge Arthur Engoron deemed Michael Cohen’s testimony in former President Trump’s New York civil fraud trial “credible,” despite acknowledging perjury allegations against Cohen.

In his comprehensive 92-page verdict, Engoron emphasized the importance of Cohen’s testimony, noting that while Cohen was not the central witness for the plaintiff, his statements were significant.

Engoron acknowledged that Cohen’s credibility was undermined by his guilty plea for perjury and some contradictions in his statements. However, Engoron found Cohen’s testimony credible based on his demeanor, the plausibility of his statements, and corroboration from other trial evidence.

Trump (Credits: CNN)

Engoron emphasized that pleading guilty to perjury does not inherently mean a person never tells the truth. In Cohen’s case, Engoron believed he told the truth. The ruling ordered Trump to pay over $355 million for allegedly conspiring to alter his company’s value for tax and insurance benefits.

Cohen, speaking in an interview with MSNBC, expressed satisfaction with the verdict, describing it as “just and fair.” He highlighted Engoron’s affirmation of his credibility and criticized Trump and his team for attempting to discredit him.

Cohen praised Engoron for his thorough decision-making process and expressed agreement with the outcome, despite expecting a higher judgment.

On the other hand, Trump criticized Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James, suggesting that the case was politically motivated to undermine his 2024 presidential campaign.

He claimed that if he were not running for president, none of the legal issues would have occurred. Trump also faces 91 felony charges across four separate cases.

Engoron’s ruling is significant as it not only addresses the financial penalties imposed on Trump but also limits his and his co-defendants’ involvement in New York business operations.

The ruling bans Trump from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation for three years, while his sons are barred for two years.

The case underscores the legal challenges faced by Trump, who has been embroiled in various legal battles since leaving office. The ruling also highlights the continued scrutiny of Trump’s business dealings, with the case shedding light on alleged fraudulent practices within the Trump Organization.

Overall, Engoron’s decision represents a significant legal setback for Trump and a vindication for Cohen, whose credibility was upheld by the court. The ruling serves as a reminder that, regardless of one’s status or wealth, accountability under the law remains paramount.

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