Trump Set to Exhaust Legal Funds by July, Left with Only $27 Million

Credits: Los Angeles Times

Donald Trump is expected to exhaust his legal defense funds this summer, just as his presidential campaign gears up for a rematch with President Joe Biden.

Trump spent $51.2 million on legal expenses in 2023 and has an additional $26.6 million in an allied super PAC that can be used for legal fees. However, with four criminal cases intensifying, these funds are likely to run out around July, coinciding with the Republican National Convention.

To continue paying for his defense, Trump may need to compel the Republican National Committee (RNC) to cover his bills, reducing support for his campaign.

Trump (Credits: WKBW)

Another option is to divert more money from his small-dollar donors to his leadership PAC, Save America, which already allocates 10% of online contributions for legal expenses, amounting to $9.9 million in 2023.

Save America has been able to fund Trump’s legal fees largely due to refunds from Make America Great Again Inc. (MAGA Inc.), the super PAC supporting Trump’s bid.

MAGA Inc. used a significant portion of its funds to help Trump pay his lawyers and support his campaign, using money from donors like Timothy Mellon, Timothy Dunn, and Bernie Marcus.

The RNC, which has funded some of Trump’s legal bills in the past, could also cover his trial costs, but this would deplete funds needed for elections.

Unlike Save America, the RNC can raise larger sums of money, with donors able to contribute up to $123,900 for legal expenses and an additional $41,300 for other purposes, including influencing elections.

A cash crunch for Trump in mid-summer could strain the RNC, which is already lagging behind in fundraising compared to the Democratic National Committee.

Trump has suggested replacing RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, citing dissatisfaction with fundraising, and has endorsed Michael Whatley and Lara Trump to lead the party, potentially tightening his control over the RNC.

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