Biden: Russia’s Satellite Weapon Does Not Present Nuclear Threat

Credits: Reuters

President Joe Biden clarified on Friday that the alleged Russian anti-satellite weapon does not pose a nuclear threat. While Moscow has not yet committed to developing the weapon, it is designed to target and potentially damage satellites in orbit.

Biden emphasized, “There is no evidence that they have made a decision to go forward with doing anything in space.” He explained that the capability to launch such a system into space exists but has not been used for damaging purposes so far. He expressed hope that it would not be used in such a manner.

Biden (Credits:

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Mike Turner, had earlier expressed concerns about the weapon’s potential as a “serious national security threat.” He called for the public release of all information pertaining to the weapon.

Following these concerns, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan arranged a meeting with key lawmakers, including Turner, to discuss the classified information the US had gathered about the weapon.

The specifics of the threat were shrouded in mystery until the White House confirmed on Thursday the existence of a new Russian anti-satellite capability. This confirmation marks a significant development in the ongoing efforts to understand and address potential threats to space assets.