Kazakhstan Examines Azerbaijan’s Tax Administration Experience

Credits: Aze.Media

A delegation from the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan visited Azerbaijan to learn from its experience in developing new information systems for tax administration. The visit, which took place on February 14-15, was part of Kazakhstan’s ongoing digitalization reforms.

Led by Deputy Chairman Anuar Suleimenov, the delegation met with officials from the State Tax Service of Azerbaijan to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The Azerbaijani officials shared insights into their successful “VAT Refund” project, which facilitates the refund of part of the VAT paid for residential and non-residential premises purchased through non-cash means.

Kazakhstan And Azerbaijan Relationship (Credits: Caspian News)

The delegation also learned about Azerbaijan’s advancements in online cash registers, the establishment of a single deposit account for VAT, and achievements in international taxation.

Of particular interest were discussions on electronic document flow between taxpayers and tax authorities through the “online case management” system, as well as the Automated Tax Information System (ATIS) and its submodules.

In addition to learning about Azerbaijan’s tax system achievements, the delegation also shared information about Kazakhstan’s “Common Declaration System” project and discussed the country’s experiences in tax administration regarding noted goods.

The meetings concluded with an agreement to hold online sessions to further discuss Kazakhstan’s experience in international taxation and import-export issues.

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