Bill Maher Criticizes Media for Overdramatizing 2024 Election: ‘Donald Trump Is Not Adolf Hitler’

Credits: Reuters

During an episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” comedian Bill Maher criticized the media for sensationalizing the 2024 election. Maher expressed frustration with the exaggerated rhetoric surrounding the Biden administration, particularly citing Fox News host Sean Hannity’s comment that “every single thing that you know of is worse under Joe Biden.”

Maher sarcastically dismissed Hannity’s claim, joking that the American dream must be dead because the price of Mars bars has increased.

He continued to mock the notion that everything is worse under Biden, facetiously listing absurd reasons such as flowers not smelling as sweet and WiFi being slower.

Bill Maher (Credits: Deadline)

Maher criticized the media for constantly regurgitating the same talking points regardless of the actual situation. He also took a swipe at former President Donald Trump, who recently attributed the stock market rally to investors’ confidence in his potential reelection in 2024.

While Maher joked about not choosing Biden as his “Squid Game” partner, referencing the survival contest in the Netflix series, he acknowledged the president’s achievements, such as low unemployment and a high stock market, amid ongoing inflation.

Turning to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Maher questioned the media’s portrayal of him as “more dangerous than Trump, who is Hitler,” highlighting the tendency to escalate issues to the extreme. He concluded with a humorous remark that while Trump may not be Adolf Hitler, he is certainly a big fan.

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