Thank Letitia James if Donald Trump is Re-elected

Credits: NBC News

“Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, boldly stated, ‘Donald Trump may have authored the Art of the Deal, but he perfected the art of the steal.’ This statement, delivered in her resolute voice, embodies the voice of American justice, which many perceive as biased, politicized, and trite.

James went on to say, ‘Today, we proved that no one is above the law. No matter how rich, powerful, or politically connected you are, everyone must play by the same rules.’ However, this assertion rings hollow to many, as it is widely believed that the rules do not apply equally to everyone.

The recent ruling by Judge Arthur F. Engoron against the Trumps and the Trump Organization, resulting in fines of $355 million plus interest, stems from a long investigation and prosecution led by James. The case centered on allegations of fraudulently inflating asset values to secure more favorable loan terms.

Letitia James (Credits: CNN)

While the judgment’s size is significant, it was not unexpected, as Judge Engoron had previously ruled that the Trump Organization’s statements contained ‘fraudulent valuations.’

Importantly, this is a civil case, requiring a ‘preponderance of evidence,’ rather than a criminal case, which demands proof ‘beyond reasonable doubt.’

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. have been ordered to pay $4 million each. The Trumps have announced their intention to appeal, and the case is likely to continue, possibly extending beyond the upcoming election.

Meanwhile, the media’s focus may shift to other legal challenges facing the Trumps, such as the criminal ‘hush-money’ indictment under James’s jurisdiction.”

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