Former White House Press Secretary: Trump’s $355M Fine and 3-Year Ban Is ‘What Happens If Insanity and Outrage Had a Baby’

Credits: KSL NewsRadio

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has criticized the $355 million fine imposed on ex-President Donald Trump following a civil fraud trial in New York.

In an interview on “The Hill on NewsNation,” Spicer, who served under the Trump administration, described the ruling as “insanity and outrage.” He argued that the fine was unwarranted since no one had suffered from Trump’s actions, including the banks and insurance companies involved.

The ruling, issued by Judge Arthur Engoron, also prohibits Trump from serving as an officer or director in any New York corporation for three years.

Donald Trump (Credits: The Hill)

Engoron’s decision stemmed from a lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James in 2022, accusing Trump and the Trump Organization of fraudulently inflating his net worth.

Spicer characterized the case as a “vendetta,” referencing James’ campaign promises to pursue Trump if elected. He suggested that a smaller fine, such as $10 million, would have been more appropriate. Despite the fine being less than what James had requested, she praised the decision as a victory for justice.

Trump, on the other hand, criticized the New York justice system, accusing the judge of being “crooked” and working with a “totally corrupt Attorney General.” He vowed to appeal the ruling, suggesting that the legal proceedings were part of a larger effort to undermine him.

The case highlights the ongoing legal challenges faced by Trump since leaving office and the polarizing views surrounding his actions and behavior.

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