Deputy Rescues 6-Month-Old Baby Trapped in Crashed Car

Credits: KGW

According to officials from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sgt. Dave Musgrove was patrolling on South McCall Rd when a motorcycle passed him at over 100 miles per hour. Shortly after, the motorcycle collided with a vehicle.

Upon arriving at the scene, Musgrove found the motorcycle severely damaged and unoccupied in a travel lane. The other vehicle involved was located up to 40 feet away from the intersection.

Musgrove heard crying from the vehicle and discovered the motorcyclist had been ejected through the windshield into the back of the vehicle and was deceased.

Woman Saving 6-Month-Old Baby (Credits: KTNV)

The driver of the vehicle yelled for help to save her children. Musgrove quickly located a small child in a booster seat and removed her from the vehicle. The mother informed him that another child was in the backseat, under the deceased motorcyclist.

The infant was initially unresponsive, but Musgrove began chest compressions immediately. Despite initially showing no signs of life, Musgrove continued the compressions until the child finally took a deep breath.

EMS arrived and Musgrove handed the child to medics for further treatment. The 6-month-old baby eventually showed signs of life, though recovery will be a long process.

Sheriff Bill Prummell commended Musgrove for his calm and decisive actions, stating that Musgrove’s efforts saved the life of the infant.

He also thanked bystanders who assisted, allowing Musgrove to focus on the child. Prummell expressed condolences to the family of the motorcyclist and requested prayers for the mother and her children.

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