Dean Phillips, a Democratic Presidential Candidate, Dismisses a Significant Portion of Campaign Staff but Remains Determined


Democratic Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips announced significant layoffs within his 2024 presidential campaign team, citing financial constraints. Despite the setback, Phillips expressed his commitment to his presidential bid and his determination to persevere in the race.

In a social media post on Friday, Phillips acknowledged the difficult decision to lay off many staff members, emphasizing the challenges of running a presidential campaign, particularly in terms of fundraising and generating visibility.

He highlighted the progress his campaign had made, citing a notable increase in support in New Hampshire despite starting with low name recognition and polling numbers.

Dean Phillips (Credits: CNN)

Despite the recent layoffs, Phillips conveyed a message of resilience to his supporters, expressing his intent to continue the campaign as long as there is support for it.

He emphasized the importance of his platform, which includes addressing issues such as the national debt, military expenditure, and tax burdens.

Phillips’ campaign has faced challenges, including defeats in the New Hampshire and South Carolina Democratic primaries and an absence from the Nevada ballot. However, he described his campaign journey as “joyful” and emphasized the need for change in the country.

The decision to lay off campaign staff comes shortly after another Democratic contender, Marianne Williamson, suspended her campaign on February 7.

Phillips’ determination to continue despite the financial constraints reflects his commitment to his presidential bid and his belief in the potential for change.

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