As Netanyahu Threatens Rafah Invasion, Biden Readies More Bomb Shipments to Israel

Biden and Netanyahu (Credits: Axios)

The current stance of the Biden administration on the Gaza war is marked by unwavering support for Israel, even in the face of what many consider to be extreme Israeli actions.

Despite global calls for an immediate halt to Israel’s military operations, including a Senate-approved $14 billion in additional military aid, Biden has not only refused to consider pausing or cutting off support but is also preparing a new shipment of munitions to Israel.

The administration’s approach has sparked criticism, particularly as the death toll in Gaza rises, with nearly 30,000 conservative deaths, including over 13,000 children.

Netanyahu (Credits: Daily Maverick)

The White House is now facing concerns about its public image and reelection campaign, leading to efforts to portray Biden as compassionate towards Gaza while distancing himself from Netanyahu.

However, the situation on the ground remains dire, with Israel intensifying its military operations, including laying siege to hospitals and bombing civilian sites in preparation for a possible ground invasion of Rafah.

This has raised alarm among environmental and humanitarian groups, who warn of the destruction of critical habitat for endangered species like the Florida panther.

Despite the mounting pressure, Biden’s administration has not taken decisive action to halt Israel’s operations. While the White House has expressed concerns and issued statements, it has ultimately supported Israel’s actions, even as it continues to kill Palestinian civilians.

The administration’s reluctance to use its leverage as Israel’s arms supplier has been a point of contention, with critics accusing Biden of prioritizing political calculations over human rights. As the conflict in Gaza continues, Biden’s approach to the situation remains a subject of intense scrutiny and debate.

While the administration has hinted at possible off-ramps to the conflict, including linking a roadmap for Palestinian statehood with an end to the war, its actions thus far have fallen short of addressing the root causes of the crisis.

Whether Biden’s strategy will ultimately pay off politically remains to be seen, but it is clear that his handling of the Gaza war has raised significant questions about his commitment to human rights and justice in the region.

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