Biden Visits Ohio Village Affected by Train Wreck Pollution One Year Later

Credits: The Hill

US President Joe Biden made his first visit to East Palestine, Ohio, a year after a toxic train crash occurred during Donald Trump’s presidency. The visit, on February 3, 2024, was met with protests from some locals and Republicans who criticized him for not visiting sooner.

The incident involved a Norfolk Southern train derailment carrying hazardous materials, resulting in a fire and the release of toxic gas.

Residents had to be evacuated, and the crash led to ongoing air and water contamination in the area. Biden, during his visit, criticized the rail firm for what he called a preventable disaster, accusing them of negligence.

Ohio Village Affected by Train Wreck (Credits: Reuters)

Protesters, including some Trump supporters, expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s response. The crash had become a political issue, with Republicans using it to criticize Biden’s administration, particularly regarding its handling of blue-collar issues important in Ohio.

Trump had visited East Palestine shortly after the crash, accusing Biden of neglecting the village. Republicans saw the incident as an opportunity to rally support among blue-collar voters, crucial in the upcoming election.

Despite Ohio’s recent Republican voting history, Democrats are hopeful about their chances in the state, especially after Ohio voted to protect abortion rights in the constitution, a move that angered conservatives. The visit to East Palestine underscored the political tensions in the region as both parties vie for support ahead of the election.

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