Mac Schneider Has No Desire for North Dakota’s House Seat, 2018 Candidate States

Credits: InForum

In 2018, North Dakota saw a notable political showdown between two rising stars: Republican Kelly Armstrong and Democrat Mac Schneider.

Both UND graduates and lawyers, they were also friends, despite their electoral rivalry for North Dakota’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Armstrong emerged victorious with 60% of the vote, eventually winning reelection twice.

However, Armstrong has decided not to seek another House term and is now eyeing North Dakota’s governorship. This move has sparked interest from several North Dakotans to vie for the open House seat, including Rick Becker, Tom Campbell, Julie Fedorchak, and Trygve Hammer.

Mac Schneider (Credits: Grand Forks Herald)

Schneider, on the other hand, has found fulfillment in his role as the United States attorney for North Dakota since 2022. Schneider, who grew up in Fargo and lived in Grand Forks for a time before settling in Fargo, expressed his contentment with his current position.

e emphasized his pride in the work of his colleagues and his commitment to supporting their efforts. Despite his friendship with Armstrong, Schneider has no intention of entering the race for the open House seat, focusing instead on his role as U.S. attorney.

He described his job as a “dream” and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with his colleagues. His dedication to his current role remains unwavering, highlighting his focus on helping the U.S. Attorney’s Office operate efficiently.

Schneider’s decision reflects his deep satisfaction with his work and his commitment to serving the people of North Dakota in his current capacity.

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