Ex-Prosecutor Suggests Trump and Sons Could Face IRS Trouble After Significant Fraud Ruling

Credits: Telangana Today

After Judge Arthur Engoron imposed a potential financial fraud penalty exceeding $450 million on Donald Trump, his two sons, and the Trump Organization, speculation arose about potential future legal challenges for the former president and his associates.

Legal analyst Catherine Christian, speaking on MSNBC, pointed out that New York Attorney General Letitia James had indicated she would share findings from the case with the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Christian also suggested that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could be involved, hinting at possible tax-related issues for the Trumps.

Trump (Credits: The Hollywood Reporter)

Host Ali Velshi asked Christian about the scope of potential culpability for Trump beyond the current trial. Christian explained that although the Southern District of New York had publicly passed on some findings, federal authorities could still investigate further within the statute of limitations.

Christian emphasized that the IRS is persistent in scrutinizing individuals, suggesting that ongoing investigations could be underway.

She noted that while the AG’s office had referred the case to other authorities, all the defendants, including Trump, his sons, and Allen Weisselberg, could face legal and possibly criminal jeopardy.

The discussion highlighted the ongoing legal challenges facing Trump and his associates. Despite the outcome of the recent trial, there is a possibility of further legal action from federal authorities, including the DOJ and the IRS. The potential for additional investigations underscores the complex legal landscape surrounding Trump and his business dealings.

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