Phillips Announces Staff Cuts in Presidential Campaign but Pledges to Continue Race Against Biden

Credits: Los Angeles Times

U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips shared a heartfelt message on social media Friday, revealing that his presidential campaign had to make the difficult decision to lay off “a lot” of staffers.

Despite this setback, Phillips declared his unwavering commitment to continue his underdog bid for the Democratic nomination, expressing the challenges of raising sufficient funds, especially when facing obstacles within his own party.

In a three-minute video posted on X (formerly Twitter), Phillips candidly addressed the tough day and its impact on his team. He admitted that raising the necessary funds to run the campaign as he envisioned had become nearly impossible, particularly with what he perceived as the Democratic Party working against him.

Dean Phillips (Credits: Fox News)

However, Phillips made it clear that he had given his word to his staff that he would persevere in the race against President Joe Biden, even though Biden had decisively defeated him in the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.

Phillips emphasized that he remains on the ballot in 43 states and appealed to his supporters for contributions, stating, “I’m going to continue this journey as long as you want this journey continued.”

Efforts to reach the Phillips campaign for comment on Friday night were unsuccessful. In the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 23, Phillips secured 20% of the vote, significantly trailing behind Biden, who received 64% as a write-in candidate.

His performance in South Carolina this month was even more challenging, with Phillips receiving less than 2% of the vote, trailing both Biden, who captured 96%, and author and activist Marianne Williamson, who surpassed the 2% mark.

Despite these setbacks, Phillips is gearing up to compete against Biden once again in the upcoming Michigan primary on Feb. 27. His determination to continue the race underscores his commitment to his vision for the country, despite the challenges and the odds stacked against him.

I'm Richard Rosales, I cover political news and ongoing US elections.