U.S. Senator Criticizes Mike Johnson for Allegedly Supporting Putin’s Actions

Credits: RBC-Ukraine

U.S. Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) strongly condemned the House of Representatives, particularly its MAGA contingent led by Mike Johnson, accusing them of indirectly supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin by blocking two bills that would have provided ongoing U.S. support for Ukraine in its conflict against Russia.

Fetterman’s criticism was triggered by the recent death of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny in a Russian prison, a tragedy that President Joe Biden directly attributed to Putin. Fetterman argued that by failing to support Ukraine, the House was contributing to global instability and threatening American security.

He specifically singled out Johnson for obstructing a bipartisan Senate bill negotiated by Republican Senator James Lankford, which included aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Johnson dismissed the bill, claiming that the U.S.-Mexico border crisis was a more pressing issue.

Mike Johnson (Credits: WNCT)

Furthermore, Johnson vowed not to bring a Senate supplemental security bill, which also provided aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan but without border provisions, to a House vote.

Biden had warned that failing to fund Ukraine’s defense would benefit Putin, a sentiment echoed by Fetterman, who criticized Johnson’s “America First” approach as effectively supporting Putin’s agenda.

Fetterman’s criticism coincided with remarks by former President Donald Trump, who suggested that Russia could act freely against NATO nations behind on their alliance payments.

Fetterman argued that Putin, emboldened by such rhetoric, was further encouraged by the House’s inaction, creating a dangerous precedent of support for Russian aggression.

He characterized Johnson’s behavior as another instance of the House siding with Putin-aligned interests, noting that this pattern was not unique.

Fetterman emphasized the need for a bipartisan approach to global security, criticizing the House’s myopic focus on domestic issues at the expense of international stability.

In conclusion, Fetterman’s condemnation of the House’s failure to support Ukraine reflects broader concerns about the direction of U.S. foreign policy under the MAGA faction’s influence. He warned that such actions could embolden Putin and undermine U.S. interests in the long term.

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