Rep. Mike Turner Stands by Trump’s Russia-NATO Remarks: “His Political Rallies Don’t Reflect Trump’s Actual Policies”

Rep. Mike Turner Defends Trump’s Russia-NATO Comments: His ‘Political Rallies Don’t Really Translate Into Donald Trump’s Actual Policies’

House Intelligence Chair Representative Mike Turner, a Republican from Ohio, engaged in a conversation with “Meet the Press” ahead of Sunday’s airing, elaborating on a foreboding warning he issued earlier in the week regarding a “serious national security threat” and addressing the criticism he faced for making the warning public.

Reports from various outlets subsequently indicated that his concern stemmed from intelligence suggesting Russia’s intention to deploy a nuclear anti-satellite weapon into space, although the White House downplayed any immediate threat.

Explaining his decision to disclose his cryptic remark earlier in the week, Turner expressed concern about what he perceived as the administration’s lack of proactive response to a potential international crisis. “I was concerned that it appeared that the administration was sleepwalking into an international crisis,” he remarked, “But it looks like now they’re going to be able to take action.”

Rep. Mike Turner
Rep. Mike Turner (Credits: NBC News)

NBC’s Kristen Welker raised concerns expressed by others that Turner’s public statement could induce panic and compromise national security intelligence.

Responding to whether his actions were responsible, Turner emphasized the committee’s duty to share pertinent intelligence with the House of Representatives, stressing that this should be done in consultation with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which he claims to have adhered to without any objections.

“This was not just an action by myself,” Turner clarified.

Welker highlighted objections from both Democratic Representative Jim Himes and Republican Representative Andy Ogles. Turner pointed out that he and Himes had jointly sent a letter to fellow House members expressing concerns about the intelligence, emphasizing the urgent nature of the issue.

According to the Washington Post, the letter stated that the Intelligence Committee “has identified an urgent matter with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability that should be known by all congressional policymakers.”

Ogles characterized Turner’s motives as focused not on ensuring national security but rather on securing additional funding for Ukraine and renewing the FISA surveillance program.

“Ukraine funding certainly is important,” Turner responded, “And FISA certainly is important. But this is about Russia and the administration taking action.”

He cited a New York Times article published on Saturday as evidence of the administration’s initiation of an action plan. “You can see that the administration is beginning to put in place an action plan,” he said. “And that’s what is important. We need to make certain that we avert what could be an international crisis.”

Turner also addressed former President Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding Russia and NATO, dismissing them as rhetoric disconnected from Trump’s actual policies. He praised Trump’s record of increasing funding for NATO and providing lethal weapons to Ukraine.

In addition, Turner expressed confidence in bipartisan support for aid to Ukraine and discussed the Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, as well as the possibility of a government shutdown.

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