Challenges and Backlash: President Biden’s Social Media Strategy and the Disconnect with Young Voters

Sorry, Biden, Dark Brandon memes and a new TikTok account won’t win over young voters

In a bid to connect with younger voters and counter conservative narratives, President Joe Biden has adopted a social media strategy that includes embracing internet memes, particularly the “Dark Brandon” meme. This meme, featuring a menacing photo of Biden with glowing red eyes, originated as a derogatory term used by conservatives to criticize the President. Despite its negative connotations, Biden has incorporated the meme into his 2024 campaign, using it in posts on platforms like TikTok.

However, Biden’s use of internet memes has drawn criticism, particularly in light of serious global events. One instance occurred when a meme post coincided with Israeli forces’ attack on Rafah, leading to accusations of insensitivity and ignoring humanitarian crises. Many online users, especially young voters, view Biden’s attempts at online humor as disconnected from pressing issues and alienating.

The backlash against Biden’s social media strategy reflects broader disillusionment among young voters, particularly regarding his handling of the Israel-Gaza conflict. Polls indicate a significant decline in support for Biden among young Democrats, with many perceiving him as too pro-Israel.

Biden (Credits: CNN)

Despite efforts to engage with young voters through platforms like TikTok, Biden’s messaging often gets overshadowed by concerns about Palestine and criticism of U.S. foreign policy.

Conservative voices have also criticized Biden’s presence on TikTok, noting the platform’s perceived bias toward pro-Palestinian content. Despite efforts to create light-hearted and relatable content, such as videos featuring the President and First Lady, public responses often veer towards discussions of Palestine and criticism of U.S. policies.

Biden’s social media strategy faces challenges in resonating with young voters and effectively addressing their concerns. While attempts to use internet memes and platforms like TikTok aim to engage younger demographics, they often fall short in capturing the seriousness of global issues and addressing criticism of government policies.

Biden’s foray into internet culture and social media campaigning has been met with mixed reactions, with many young voters expressing disillusionment and prioritizing substantive issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict over online humor and political messaging.

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