Haley’s Response to Putin Following Navalny’s Death: ‘This is His Usual Pattern’

Haley on Putin after death of Navalny: ‘This is what he always does’

Nikki Haley, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has squarely blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for the death of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. She cautioned against employing soft rhetoric towards Russia, asserting that it could embolden Russian aggression.

Navalny’s demise in a Russian detention facility was officially disclosed on Friday, prompting swift condemnation from critics of Putin, as well as the Biden administration, who viewed it as a probable political assassination.

Speaking at a Fox News town hall moderated by John Roberts, Haley underscored the adversarial nature of the U.S.-Russia relationship, stating, “When you look at what Putin has done, we have to remember, Russia is not our friend. If Putin’s mouth is open, he is lying.” She further accused Putin of orchestrating Navalny’s demise, noting that this pattern of silencing political adversaries is consistent with his past actions.

Haley (Credits: ABC News)

Russian authorities informed Navalny’s family that his death was due to “sudden death syndrome.” However, the lack of access to Navalny’s body and the absence of an independent inquiry into his passing raise suspicions.

Haley also took aim at her Republican counterpart, former President Trump, for his favorable remarks about Putin and recent statements suggesting support for Russian actions against NATO allies who fail to meet their financial obligations.

Regarding Trump’s NATO remarks, Haley criticized them as “damaging” and urged a tougher stance against Russia. She emphasized the importance of solidarity within NATO, asserting that both Russia and China are intimidated by the alliance’s unity. She reiterated the necessity of holding Russia accountable for its actions, particularly when they jeopardize the safety and security of NATO allies.

While acknowledging the importance of Trump’s message regarding NATO funding, Haley criticized the manner in which it was delivered. She advocated for a more diplomatic approach to encouraging NATO allies to fulfill their financial commitments, emphasizing that unity and cooperation are paramount in dealing with shared threats.

With the South Carolina presidential primary approaching, Haley and Trump are set to compete for support from Republican voters. Despite Trump’s significant lead in the polls, Haley remains steadfast in her stance against Russian aggression and her commitment to strengthening alliances such as NATO.

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