Senator Joe Manchin Declares He Won’t Run for President Amidst Chaotic Election Year

Joe Manchin Announces He Was Totally Kidding About That President Thing

Senator Joe Manchin has made a definitive decision, withdrawing himself from the speculative fray of the tumultuous presidential race unfolding in an already chaotic election year.

In a speech delivered at West Virginia University, Manchin put to rest any lingering doubts, stating firmly, “I will not be seeking a third-party run. I will not be involved in a presidential run. I am not going to be a deal breaker, if you will, a spoiler.”

This declaration comes as little surprise to those who have followed the political maneuverings of the so-called conservative Democrat from West Virginia.

Having previously announced his intention not to seek reelection in the Senate, Manchin embarked on a journey across the nation in an attempt to gauge the viability of a third-party candidacy, all the while emphasizing his desire to unify Americans. This ambition persisted despite his reputation as a steadfast vote in a closely divided Senate.

Joe Manchin
Joe Manchin (Credits: The Hill)

Reflecting on his motivations, Manchin shared, “Everyone says ‘Joe, are you running?’ The only thing I’m running for is to save this nation, and whatever it takes. There are people out there; there’s a lot of good people. If we can get them energized, there’s a lot of good people that could get in there.”

Speculation had mounted regarding potential running mates, with Manchin not discounting the possibility of tapping Senators Mitt Romney or Rob Portman, according to reports from local West Virginia publication MetroNews.

Though Manchin’s bid for the presidency remained largely under the radar, it was born out of years of frustration and dismay over the increasing polarization gripping American politics, which left little room for compromise or moderation.

“I know of a lot of my colleagues, Democrats and Republicans, who left here early because they couldn’t take it anymore,” Manchin remarked. “These are good, solid Americans who are very centrist. Some of them were governors before. They couldn’t stand being here because they had to be weaponizing the party system by joining up on the extremes or leave.”

Manchin’s decision to step back from the presidential arena coincides with a broader discussion surrounding the age of major candidates, with both GOP front-runner Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden facing scrutiny on this front. This election cycle sees a notable record, with both candidates surpassing the age of their predecessors from four years prior, vying for the world’s most influential leadership role.

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