Rep. Mike Turner Criticizes White House for Appearing to Ignore Russian National Security Threat

Credits: ABC7 Chicago

On Saturday, Rep. Mike Turner expressed his concern to NBC News’ “Meet the Press” about Russia’s alleged plan to deploy nuclear weapons in space, fearing that the Biden administration was not taking sufficient action to address this potential crisis. He emphasized the need to avert what could escalate into an international crisis.

Earlier in the week, Turner had issued a statement revealing that the House Intelligence Committee had shared information about a serious national security threat with all members of Congress.

Subsequently, it was confirmed by NBC News that this threat was related to Russia’s development of a space-based nuclear program aimed at targeting satellites.

Mike Turner (Credits: NBC News)

Turner criticized the administration for not declassifying this information, likening it to the Chinese spy balloon incident where he believed the administration was hiding some form of inaction. He called for greater transparency from the administration in addressing this issue.

While some members of Congress sought to downplay immediate concerns about the threat posed by Russia, Turner reiterated his belief in the seriousness of the situation.

He emphasized that multiple assessments had characterized the threat as very serious, and he highlighted that the administration had begun to take action in response. Turner mentioned meeting with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who outlined a plan to address the situation.

Sullivan had previously stated that he had reached out to brief a bipartisan group of top congressional leaders known as the Gang of Eight. Sullivan expressed surprise at Turner’s public statements, noting that a briefing with Turner was already scheduled.

Turner’s remarks underscore a growing concern in Washington about Russia’s activities in space and the need for a coordinated response to ensure national security and prevent potential international crises.

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