Rep. Jim Clyburn and Biden Share Concerns About Benjamin Netanyahu’s Leadership, Believe It’s Not Beneficial for Israel

Credits: Jim Clyburn and Biden

Representative Jim Clyburn stated on Sunday that President Joe Biden shares his sentiment regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership not being beneficial for Israel.

In an interview with CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, disclosed his discussions with President Biden regarding Netanyahu.

He emphasized that while Biden may not express his views publicly, he aligns with Clyburn’s perspective on Netanyahu’s leadership, which he believes has been detrimental to Israel.

Clyburn emphasized his ongoing concerns about Netanyahu’s leadership but clarified that he hadn’t directly asked Biden for his agreement on the matter.

Jim Clyburn and Biden (Credits: NBC News)

He noted that Biden acknowledged his assessment of Netanyahu, leaving decisions regarding the country’s best interests to the president. The White House did not provide an immediate response to NBC News’ request for comment regarding Clyburn’s statements.

These remarks from Clyburn coincide with widespread reports indicating Biden’s growing frustration with Netanyahu’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. According to sources familiar with the matter, Biden has privately referred to Netanyahu as an “asshole” and a “bad f—ing guy.”

While Biden has not publicly condemned Netanyahu as strongly as he has in private, he criticized Israeli military operations in Gaza during a recent White House press conference, describing them as “over the top.” He expressed concern for the suffering of innocent civilians and called for an end to the violence.

Netanyahu responded to Biden’s criticism by expressing uncertainty about its interpretation. He highlighted previous attacks by Hamas on Israel, characterizing them as “unprovoked” and “murderous.” Biden’s comments have been perceived as his most forceful rebuke of Israel and Netanyahu to date.

Clyburn has previously voiced his disapproval of Netanyahu’s leadership, stating in January to The Washington Post that he doesn’t believe Netanyahu is beneficial for Israel or the world. However, he did not explicitly link his views to those of the president.

Overall, Clyburn’s remarks underscore growing tensions between the Biden administration and Netanyahu’s government, signaling potential shifts in U.S.-Israeli relations.

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