Scot Pollard, NBA Champion and ‘Survivor’ Contestant, Recovers Well Following Heart Transplant, According to Wife

Credits: NBC Sports

Scot Pollard, NBA champion and former “Survivor” contestant, is recovering well after receiving a heart transplant. His wife, Dawn Pollard, shared the news on social media, saying Scot is “awake and feeling great.”

The surgery, which took place the day before the update, was successful, with Scot receiving a heart that is described as “big, powerful, and a perfect fit.” Dawn expressed gratitude for the donor and their family, acknowledging the gift of life that was given to Scot.

Scot, who recently turned 49, needed the transplant due to damage caused by a virus he contracted in 2021, likely exacerbating a genetic condition he has known about since his father passed away from it when Scot was 16. His size, at 6-foot-11 and 260 pounds, made finding a suitable donor heart a challenge.

NBA Champion, Scot Pollard (Credits: NBC New York)

Earlier on the day of the surgery, Dawn had announced that a heart had been found, asking for continued prayers for Scot, the surgeons, and the donor’s family.

Scot Pollard had a successful basketball career, including being a first-round draft pick in 1997 and winning an NBA championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008. He also appeared on the reality TV show “Survivor” and has dabbled in broadcasting and acting.

Scot went public with his condition last month and was admitted to intensive care at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on February 7, where he remained until receiving the transplant.

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