Nikki Haley Accuses Congress of ‘Lying to the American People’ for Failing to Pass Border and Aid Deals

Credits: NY1

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley criticized Congress on Sunday, accusing lawmakers of deceiving the American people by failing to pass crucial legislation addressing issues such as the U.S.-Mexico border and aid to nations like Israel and Ukraine.

Despite bipartisan efforts by a group of senators to craft a comprehensive deal that would address border priorities and foreign assistance, many Republicans recently rejected the agreement, including separate Senate-passed legislation on foreign aid.

While the House did approve a stringent border bill known as H.R. 2 last year, its passage in the Senate, which is under Democratic control, seems unlikely.

Nikki Haley (Credits: USA Today)

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Haley emphasized the need for Congress to fulfill its responsibilities in ensuring national security.

She criticized lawmakers for framing the issue as a choice between aiding Ukraine and Israel versus securing the border, labeling it a false premise and urging that both priorities can be addressed simultaneously.

Republican legislators have advocated for linking immigration legislation and foreign assistance together. However, it remains uncertain whether progress will be made on this front this week, as House and Senate lawmakers are returning to their home districts for a recess.

Haley also called on President Joe Biden to engage more with the American people regarding the significance of foreign aid packages and their impact on national security, emphasizing the need for clearer communication on these matters.

As the Republican presidential candidate prepares to compete with former President Donald Trump in South Carolina’s crucial Republican primary on Saturday, Haley declined to confirm whether she would support Trump if he secures the 2024 GOP nomination. Instead, she asserted her intention to run and win the nomination herself, suggesting that discussions about support could come later.

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