Arab Americans Experience a Profound Sense of Betrayal and Express Desire for Joe Biden’s Defeat in 2024

Credits: USA Today

Mohammad Enayah received a heartbreaking message from Gaza at 2 a.m., alerting him to the devastating news of an Israeli airstrike on a Palestinian refugee camp. The message, delivered by his cousin, revealed that 37 members of his extended family had lost their lives.

As he scrolled through the list of victims, the sheer magnitude of loss overwhelmed him. In total, 89 members of his family perished in the conflict, adding to the staggering death toll of 28,000 Palestinians.

The pain and grief inflicted by the Israeli offensive on Gaza resonate deeply with Arab Americans in southeastern Michigan, leading many to express their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s stance on the matter.

Arab Americans (Credits: USA Today)

Biden’s unequivocal support for Israel, providing weapons during the conflict, has angered Arab Americans who perceive his response as insufficient in acknowledging the Palestinian lives lost.

Despite Biden’s condemnation of Israel’s actions as “over the top” and describing the Palestinian casualties as a tragedy, Arab Americans remain dissatisfied. Biden’s reluctance to call for an immediate cease-fire and his questioning of the Palestinian death toll have fueled further resentment.

Amer Zahr, a Palestinian American and attorney in Dearborn, found Biden’s comments particularly offensive, emphasizing the stark contrast between the number of casualties and the term “over the top.” The discontent among Michigan’s Arab Americans extends beyond mere dissatisfaction; they are actively mobilizing against Biden.

Initiatives like Michigan’s “Abandon Biden” movement, hosting meetings with third-party candidates, and “Listen to Michigan,” urging Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in the primary, reflect the depth of their disappointment.

Michigan’s Arab Americans, a crucial voting bloc in the swing state, played a role in Biden’s narrow victory in 2020. However, the current backlash poses challenges for Biden’s reelection prospects.

The White House and Biden’s campaign recognize the significance of Michigan and are working to address the concerns of the Arab American community. The heightened tension is evident in the refusal of Arab American leaders to meet with Biden’s campaign manager in January.

The sentiment among Michigan’s Arab Americans is encapsulated by Abbas Alawieh, a Dearborn activist, who states that Biden has “lost the people.”

The prevailing sense of betrayal runs deep, making it imperative for Biden’s campaign to navigate these challenges as the 2024 election approaches.

Despite efforts to be more responsive to Arab American concerns, the Biden campaign remains optimistic about its chances in Michigan, counting on a broad coalition of supporters that includes union workers and Black voters.

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