“We Are Worse Than a Third World Country”: Trump Warns His “Persecution” Spells Doom for US

“We are worse than a third world country”: Trump claims his “persecution” will lead to demise of US

Donald Trump, the former president and leading contender in the Republican primary race, has vehemently criticized a recent judicial ruling that mandates him to pay a hefty $355 million penalty for his involvement in inflating his net worth.

This legal setback follows another ruling that required Trump to pay $83.3 million to columnist E. Jean Carroll, who had successfully sued him for defamation. Trump views these judgments as instances of political persecution, warning of dire consequences for the United States.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Waterford Township, Mich., Trump condemned the rulings as a form of political vendetta, suggesting that they could lead the country towards resembling a “third world country.”

Trump (Credits: C-Span)

“If this trend of persecuting political adversaries persists, it will deter business activities within the United States of America,” Trump declared. “We risk descending into the status of a third world nation. In many aspects, we are already there, particularly evident when observing our border situation.”

Trump expanded his critique beyond the judiciary, also targeting President Joe Biden and the state of infrastructure in the country. He baselessly accused Biden of being under the influence of fascists while lambasting the condition of American airports.

“Our airports reflect the state of a third world nation. Just look at them,” Trump remarked. “The state of our airports is a testament to the decline of our nation.”

Reports indicate that Trump’s address began with a fervent condemnation of the legal system, with Politico noting that the initial 15 minutes were dedicated to this topic, underscoring the extent of his dissatisfaction.

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