U.S. Carries Out Defensive Strikes Against Iran’s Houthi Militia in Yemen

Credits: The Wall Street Journal

The United States has recently conducted five defensive strikes in Yemen’s regions controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. These strikes targeted three mobile anti-ship cruise missiles, one unmanned underwater vessel, and one unmanned surface vessel.

The US Central Command stated in a release on Sunday that these actions were in response to an imminent threat posed to US Navy ships and merchant vessels operating in the area.

This marks the first observed instance of the Houthi militia using an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) since the attacks began on October 23.

Iran’s Houthi Militia in Yemen (Credits: The New York Times)

The conflict in the Red Sea area has seen an escalation due to Houthi attacks, which have become a significant aspect of the broader conflict in the Middle East, sparked by Hamas attacks on Israel and subsequent Israeli responses.

While the Houthis claim their attacks are in solidarity with Palestinians during the Gaza war, the US and its allies perceive them as indiscriminate and a threat to global trade.

Yahya Saree, a spokesperson for the Houthi rebel group, claimed on social media platform X that their militants shot down a United States MQ9 aircraft during hostile missions.

Additionally, Saree mentioned targeting the United Kingdom’s RUBYMAR ship in the Gulf of Aden, stating that the ship suffered extensive damage and is at risk of sinking. However, Saree assured that the ship’s crew exited safely.

For over a decade, Iran has provided weapons and support to the Houthi rebels. The rebel group has been engaged in conflict with the Yemeni government since 2014 and has controlled a significant portion of the country for some time.

This ongoing conflict has heightened tensions in the region and poses significant challenges to regional stability and international security.

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