Biden Contemplates Imposing Further Sanctions on Russia in Response to Alexey Navalny’s Death

Credits: ABC News

President Biden announced on Monday that he is contemplating further sanctions against Russia in response to the death of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

Speaking to reporters upon his return to the White House from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Biden affirmed that while existing sanctions are in place, the administration is deliberating on additional measures.

The President attributed Navalny’s death to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration, asserting that while the exact circumstances remain uncertain, it is a consequence of actions carried out by Putin and his associates.

Joe Biden (Credits: The New York Times)

Navalny’s demise was reported by Russian prison authorities on Friday, who claimed that the dissident fell ill during a walk and subsequently lost consciousness.

However, Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, who resides outside Russia, accused the Kremlin of poisoning her husband and criticized authorities for withholding his body from his family.

The United States has previously imposed multiple rounds of sanctions against Russian officials, institutions, and businesses, particularly following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In response to inquiries about escalating sanctions, Biden mentioned considering various options.

Additionally, Biden has emphasized Navalny’s death as a demonstration of the threat posed by Russia and has called for increased support for Ukraine.

However, he expressed uncertainty regarding whether the event would sway House Republicans to approve additional aid for Ukraine, lamenting their reluctance to respond and emphasizing the importance of their support.

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