Senator Lindsey Graham Expresses “Very Optimistic” Outlook on House Plan for Border Security and Foreign Aid

Credits: Roll Call

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina has expressed optimism about the prospect of passing Ukraine aid and enhanced border security through Congress.

During an appearance on “Face the Nation,” Graham voiced his support for a bipartisan funding bill proposed by House moderates, specifically members of the Problem Solvers Caucus.

The bill, released days after House Republican leaders rejected a $95 billion Senate-passed foreign aid bill, aims to address the impasse by incorporating stringent border security measures.

Graham emphasized his desire to act promptly on border security, advocating for the aid package to be structured as a loan. The Problem Solvers Caucus proposes measures to achieve “operational control” of the border, such as the summary detention and expulsion of most migrants for a year.

Senator Lindsey Graham (Credits: Fox News)

Additionally, the bill seeks to reinstate the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, requiring asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for U.S. court hearings. The legislation allocates around $66 billion in defense funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and U.S. operations in the Middle East.

Expressing confidence in the House proposal, Graham stated that he believes it is a winning combination, especially if the aid is structured as loans – a concept endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Graham suggested that this approach could secure passage in the House and garner support from six to eight Senate Republicans who desire robust border security measures.

The South Carolina Republican’s initial opposition to the Senate foreign aid bill raised eyebrows, considering his past support for Ukraine. However, Graham clarified that his stance aligned with Trump’s preference for aid to be in the form of loans, as opposed to grants.

While acknowledging the difference in opinion with Trump on the urgency of addressing immigration, Graham emphasized that swift action on border security is essential, describing it as a “national security nightmare” that cannot be delayed.

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