Donald Trump Ranks Bottom in Latest ‘Presidential Greatness’ Rankings

Donald Trump Places Last in New ‘Presidential Greatness’ Rankings

The 2024 Presidential Greatness Project expert survey, released recently, revealed Abraham Lincoln as the top-ranked U.S. president, with Donald Trump positioned at the bottom.

The survey, conducted previously in 2015 and 2018, aims to assess presidential greatness from George Washington to Joe Biden, as explained by the co-directors, University of Houston’s Professor Brandon Rottinghaus and Coastal Carolina University’s Professor Justin Vaughn.

Participants rated each president on a scale of zero to 100 for overall greatness, with the ratings averaged and then ranked accordingly. Lincoln secured the top spot with a 95.03 average, followed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt at 90.83, George Washington at 90.32, Teddy Roosevelt at 78.58, and Thomas Jefferson at 77.53.

Conversely, Trump received the lowest rating at 10.92, trailing behind James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, William Henry Harrison, and Warren Harding.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Credits: MSNBC)

President Joe Biden was positioned favorably in the top third of the list, holding the 14th spot with a rating of 62.7. The survey garnered 154 responses from scholars affiliated with the American Political Science Association, with data collected online via Qualtrics between November 15 and December 31, 2023.

Professor Vaughn emphasized the distinction between this survey and others, noting the focus on political scientist experts rather than historians. He highlighted Lincoln’s consistent top ranking across all surveys and mentioned Trump’s consistent position at the bottom, with Trump also labeled as the most polarizing president.

The survey results sparked controversy on social media, particularly among Trump supporters, who questioned the survey’s credibility. Professor Vaughn addressed this skepticism, attributing it to the natural disagreements, especially concerning recent presidents. He noted that traits admired by some Trump supporters, such as norm-breaking and communication style, contributed to his negative assessment.

Vaughn highlighted the evolving views on presidents, noting shifts in perceptions of figures like Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson in recent surveys. This dynamic nature of presidential evaluations offers insights into changing expectations surrounding the American presidency.