Biden’s Campaign Reports a Fundraising Total of $42 Million for January

Credits: The Wall Street Journal

President Joe Biden’s campaign has reported raising over $42 million in January, entering February with more than $130 million in cash on hand. This sets a record for a Democratic candidate at this point in a presidential election cycle.

The funds were raised through Biden’s main campaign committee, joint fundraising committees, and the Democratic National Committee. The campaign highlighted that 97% of the donations since April 2023 have been under $200, showcasing strong grassroots support.

Despite concerns about Biden’s age, with him being 81, the campaign continues to emphasize the importance of preventing former President Donald Trump from winning another term.

Biden During Campaign (Credits: The Washington Post)

Polls have shown that while Democratic base voters prioritize defeating Trump, independents have varying views on the mental and cognitive health of both candidates.

The fundraising success comes amid a divided Republican landscape, with internal conflicts over supporting or opposing Trump’s influence within the party.

Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, pointed to this division, stating, “While Team Biden-Harris continues to build on its fundraising machine, Republicans are divided — either spending money fighting Donald Trump or spending money in support of Donald Trump’s extreme and losing agenda.”

The fundraising emails in January focused on Trump’s victories in the GOP nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, emphasizing the need for unity to defeat him again.

The Biden campaign’s ability to raise substantial funds indicates ongoing support, even as the political landscape remains dynamic and competitive.

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