Biden Contemplates Imposing Further Sanctions on Russia in Response to Alexey Navalny’s Death

Credits: CBS 42

President Biden has indicated that the United States is considering additional sanctions against Russia in response to the death of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Navalny’s death, attributed by Russian prison authorities to sudden illness, has drawn international attention and suspicion of foul play.

President Biden, returning to the White House from Delaware, confirmed that the U.S. is contemplating further sanctions against Russia. He had previously blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration for Navalny’s death, characterizing it as a consequence of their actions.

Navalny’s widow, Yulia Navalnaya, has accused Russian authorities of hiding his body and suggested that he was poisoned, alleging a cover-up by the Kremlin to eliminate evidence.

Biden Response to Alexey Navalny’s Death (Credits: CBS News)

The United States has already implemented several rounds of sanctions against Russia in response to various issues, including the invasion of Ukraine. President Biden has emphasized the seriousness of the situation and has urged Congress to provide additional funding to Ukraine.

However, he expressed uncertainty about whether House Republicans would be swayed to hold a vote on further aid to Ukraine in light of Navalny’s death.

The situation underscores the ongoing tensions between the United States and Russia, with Navalny’s death serving as a focal point for international scrutiny and diplomatic responses.

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