Human Remains Linked to 1982 Cold Case Recovered from Car in North Carolina Creek

Credits: WXII 12

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of three men who left a North Carolina bar in December 1982 may finally see some resolution, as recent developments offer hope for solving the case. Human remains were discovered in a car submerged in Jack’s Creek in Washington, North Carolina.

The breakthrough in the case occurred when a YouTuber, using a boogie board equipped with sonar, identified a car in the creek. Subsequently, search crews successfully extracted the vehicle from the water on February 10.

The recovered car is a 1975 Chevrolet Camaro, matching the make and model of the vehicle in which William Clifton, 30, David McMicken, 24, and Michael Norman, 32, were last seen after leaving a bar in Chocowinity, North Carolina, in 1982.

Human Remains Found in Creek (Credits: People)

City Manager Jonathan Russell informed WITN about the discovery, highlighting the potential significance of the finding. The investigation into the disappearance of the three men had remained unsolved for over 40 years, making this recent development a crucial step toward resolving the long-standing mystery.

Beaufort County Communications Director Brandon Tester stated that local law enforcement is actively reviewing and investigating the information related to the underwater vehicle.

The discovery of human remains in the car raises expectations that forensic analysis could provide crucial details leading to the identification of the individuals and potentially shedding light on the circumstances of their disappearance.

As the investigation progresses, the focus will likely shift to identifying the remains and piecing together the events surrounding the disappearance of Clifton, McMicken, and Norman.

The case has captured public attention for decades, and the recent breakthrough brings renewed hope for closure and answers for the families of the missing men.

The use of technology, such as sonar-equipped devices, played a crucial role in uncovering the submerged vehicle, showcasing how advancements in forensic tools and investigative techniques can contribute to solving cold cases.

The collaborative efforts of law enforcement, emergency services, and community members demonstrate the importance of leveraging diverse resources to bring resolution to decades-old mysteries.

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