Six Russian Fighter Jets Taken Down in Three Days

Six Russian Fighter Jets Shot Down in Just Three Days

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has reported the downing of six Russian fighter jets within just three days, marking a significant blow to Russian military operations, according to official statements.

In a declaration made on X, previously known as Twitter, the ministry announced that Ukraine had successfully intercepted and destroyed two Russian aircraft on Monday. Among the targets were a Su-34 fighter bomber and a Su-35S fighter jet.

“Russian planes continue to fall! This morning, defenders of the sky shot down two Russian planes in the eastern direction—a Su-34 fighter-bomber and a Su-35 fighter,” the statement read. “In 3 days, Ukraine destroyed 6 Russian jets.”

This news follows a statement by Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who revealed that four Russian military aircraft were taken down over the weekend.

“Units of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three enemy aircraft at once—two Su-34 fighter-bombers and one Su-35 fighter,” Oleshchuk communicated via Telegram on Saturday. He further disclosed that another Russian Su-34 fighter bomber was shot down on Sunday morning.

A circulating video on social media purportedly captures the moment of one of the jet’s downing, with reports indicating that Russian helicopters were deployed to search for the aircraft crew.

According to Ukrainian Air Forces, two more Russian aircraft, a Su-34 and Su-35, were reported downed on Monday morning, with footage suggesting one pilot landing in the sea.

Kyiv’s military provided an update on Monday, stating that Moscow has incurred a total loss of 336 aircraft since the commencement of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Additionally, the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces disclosed Russia’s loss of 1,290 troops in a single day, marking Moscow’s most significant reported casualty figure of the year. However, Newsweek could not independently verify the provided figures.

Estimations regarding casualty numbers in the conflict vary, with Ukraine often presenting figures higher than those reported by Western allies. Conversely, Moscow seldom discloses information concerning casualties or equipment losses.

Recent instances of Ukrainian forces downing Russian aircraft include a Su-34 over the eastern Luhansk region last month and the destruction of three aircraft in a single day over Ukraine’s southern Kherson region in late December.

The U.K. Ministry of Defense asserted in January that Russia’s consecutive losses suggest an inability to secure air superiority in Ukraine.

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