Man in DC Claims $340 Million Owed Due to Incorrect Posting of Winning Powerball Numbers

Credits: UNILAD

A 60-year-old man from Washington, D.C., found himself believing he had become an overnight multimillionaire, only to face a legal battle to reclaim the $340 million fortune he claims Powerball wrongfully denied him.

John Cheeks discovered in January 2023 that his Powerball ticket indicated a staggering $340 million win. However, when he attempted to redeem the prize, he was shockingly denied and instructed to discard his jackpot “in the trash can,” according to the complaint filed in November 2023.

Cheeks’ lawsuit alleges that he was deprived of his rightful winnings due to “unlawful collusion” by Powerball, the Multi-State Lottery Association, and Taoti Enterprises — a D.C.-based digital advertising agency responsible for operating the D.C. Lottery website.

Powerball Sued By Washington, D.C. Man (Credits: USA Today)

The defendants failed to honor the posted winning Powerball numbers that perfectly matched Cheeks’ lottery ticket, as outlined in the lawsuit.

Despite attempts to seek clarification and resolve the issue, USA TODAY’s inquiries to Powerball, the Multi-State Lottery Association, and Taoti Enterprises yielded no response.

“This goes beyond mere numbers displayed on a website; it strikes at the core of the trustworthiness of institutions that offer life-altering opportunities while profiting significantly,” stated Rick Evans, Cheeks’ attorney, in a statement to USA TODAY. “… We are determined to secure every cent rightfully owed to Mr. Cheeks to rectify this injustice.”

The case highlights the importance of integrity and accountability in lottery systems, where individuals place their trust and hope in the promise of transformative winnings.

The legal proceedings underscore the significance of upholding the integrity of lottery operations and ensuring transparency and fairness in prize distributions.