Rep. Jim Clyburn Expresses Concerns About Benjamin Netanyahu’s Leadership, Echoing Biden’s Sentiments

Credits: Business Standard

Rep. Jim Clyburn revealed on Sunday that President Joe Biden shares his perspective on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership, expressing the belief that it is detrimental to Israel.

Clyburn conveyed that he has discussed this matter with the president, affirming that Biden’s views align with his own regarding Netanyahu’s leadership. Although Clyburn didn’t directly inquire whether Biden agreed with him, he stated that the president acknowledged his assessment.

While Clyburn’s initial statement suggested that Biden shares his sentiments, the congressman later clarified that he hadn’t explicitly asked the president for confirmation. Clyburn emphasized that he provided his perspective, leaving the decision on the country’s best interests to Biden.

Jim Clyburn (Credits: Business Times)

The White House has not responded to NBC News’ request for comment on Clyburn’s remarks. Clyburn’s comments coincide with reports indicating Biden’s growing frustration with Netanyahu’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Private remarks attributed to Biden, including calling Netanyahu an “asshole” and a “bad f—ing guy,” have circulated. Despite these strong sentiments in private, Biden has not publicly condemned Netanyahu with the same force.

During a White House press conference earlier in the month, Biden criticized Israeli military operations in Gaza as “over the top.” He expressed concern about innocent people suffering and called for an end to the violence.

Netanyahu responded by expressing uncertainty about interpreting Biden’s criticism, emphasizing Hamas’s role in initiating violence against Israel. Biden’s public statements were seen as his strongest rebuke of Israel and Netanyahu to date.

Clyburn has been publicly critical of Netanyahu in the past, stating in January that he has never been a fan of the Israeli Prime Minister and believes he is not good for Israel or the world. However, Clyburn did not explicitly link his views with those of the president.

The overall situation underscores tensions between the Biden administration and Netanyahu’s government, particularly in their approaches to the ongoing conflict in the region.

While private sentiments may be more strongly expressed, public statements are carefully measured to navigate the complex dynamics of U.S.-Israeli relations.

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