‘We don’t anoint kings’: Nikki Haley Defies Trump, Vows to Press On with Campaign

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley (Credits: Nasdaq)

Republican candidate Nikki Haley affirmed her commitment to her presidential bid on Tuesday, asserting that the United States does not crown monarchs and emphasizing her determination to persevere despite the odds.

Speaking in Greenville, South Carolina, where she faces an anticipated defeat against former President Donald Trump in the upcoming primary, Haley dismissed notions of capitulation following setbacks in previous contests.

“I feel no compulsion to seek favor or fear reprisal from Trump,” she declared during her address, rebuffing pressure from Trump’s camp urging her withdrawal from the race in the wake of significant defeats in initial nominating rounds. Haley’s resolve to continue her pursuit of the White House has drawn ire from Trump’s supporters, who have derided her and threatened to withhold financial support from her backers.

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley (Credits: Nasdaq)

In her speech, Haley took aim at Trump’s age, divisiveness, and self-centeredness, questioning his suitability for leadership. She condemned his disparagement of military veterans and became emotional when discussing her husband, Michael Haley, who is currently deployed abroad in service.

Nevertheless, Haley clarified that she does not align with the “Never Trump” faction, acknowledging only a “handful” of disagreements with the former president compared to numerous issues with Democratic President Joe Biden.

“We don’t appoint monarchs in this nation. We hold elections,” Haley emphasized, underscoring her determination to persist despite adversity. “That’s why I refuse to yield. South Carolina will cast its votes on Saturday, but come Sunday, my presidential campaign will endure. I’m here to stay.”

While trailing Trump by a substantial margin nationally, Haley remains undeterred, brushing off criticism that her candidacy undermines Trump’s chances. She attributed most of Trump’s challenges to his own actions, asserting that if her objective were merely to boost her profile for a future presidential bid, she would have withdrawn already.

Supporters of Haley, equipped with considerable resources, are redirecting their efforts towards several states and territories with early March primaries, particularly those boasting a significant population of well-educated suburbanites, a demographic that formed the bedrock of Haley’s initial support.

Haley’s campaign has established leadership teams in at least seven states slated for the pivotal “Super Tuesday” on March 5, as well as in Georgia, where voters will head to the polls on March 12.

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