A House Republican Supporting Ukraine Aid Appeals for Biden to Address the Nation

A Ukraine aid-supporting House Republican’s plea: Biden needs to address the country

On Tuesday, one of the most seasoned House Republicans emphasized the necessity for President Joe Biden to take proactive measures in solidifying a new funding agreement for Ukraine.

Expressing his viewpoint, Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) advocated for a more assertive stance from the president. “I do wish the president would do a major address to the country and say, ‘This is why,’ and then lay it out,” he stated. Smith highlighted the disconnect felt by his constituents who, he noted, were left uninformed by the White House, receiving only hearsay instead of substantive communication.

As a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Smith disclosed the efforts of fellow Republicans Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) and Don Bacon (Neb.) in garnering support for their recent proposal concerning foreign aid and border security.

Biden (Credits: The Times of Israel)

Despite not formally endorsing the Fitzpatrick-Bacon package himself, Smith questioned the absence of a rallying cry from top administration officials. “Where’s the rallying cry from the president or the vice president? Or the secretary of Defense or the secretary of State?” he queried.

However, Smith’s viewpoint does not represent a consensus among House Republicans. While the Senate recently passed an aid package for Ukraine, gaining the support of only 22 Republicans, nearly 100 House GOP members have opposed further assistance to the embattled nation in recent votes.

When asked whether the passing of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny influenced the urgency to provide additional aid to Ukraine, Smith refrained from directly addressing the question. “There’s always urgency, but the commander-in-chief has the singular responsibility to articulate exactly why — not engage in the blame game,” he remarked.