House GOP Seeks Evidence from Trial of Hunter Biden Associate

House GOP wants evidence from trial of Hunter Biden associate

House Republicans are intensifying their efforts to obtain evidence related to the Justice Department’s prosecution of a former associate of Hunter Biden.

In a letter addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland, Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Oversight Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) pressed for records concerning the DOJ’s case against Patrick Ho, an executive at a Chinese oil and gas company.

Ho, described by the duo as a “close business associate of Hunter Biden,” was convicted and sentenced to prison in the United States on charges of international bribery and money laundering.

House GOP Seeks Evidence from Trial of Hunter Biden Associate
House GOP Seeks Evidence from Trial of Hunter Biden Associate (Credits: AP News)

According to the letter, obtained by POLITICO, House Republicans underscored the significance of accessing materials from the DOJ’s investigation of Ho within the context of the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. Their aim is to discern any connections between actions taken by Joe Biden as vice president or president and his family’s business dealings.

One of the key items Republicans are seeking is an unredacted copy of an email exchange between Ho and Serbian politician Vuk Jeremić. The email reportedly discusses an individual Jeremić was considering bringing to a dinner with Ye Jianming, the chair of the Chinese company.

The DOJ had redacted the name of this individual during the trial due to concerns about potential political implications. Additionally, Republicans are requesting a copy of Ho’s seized iPad.

Although the Justice Department confirmed receipt of the letter, they refrained from further comment.

This latest move by House Republicans underscores their persistent interest in scrutinizing Hunter Biden’s business engagements in China. Notably, this isn’t the first time Ho or Jeremić has come under the GOP’s radar. Last year, Republicans sought testimony from Jeremić in hopes of shedding light on the redacted details.

The Washington Post previously reported on Hunter Biden’s business ventures in China, including an email from Jeremić inviting him to a dinner in Washington with Ye Jianming. Jeremić clarified that he was acquainted with both parties but had not facilitated their introduction, learning about their meeting through media reports.

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