Russia Includes Lindsey Graham on List of ‘Terrorists’ Following his Advocacy for Consequences in Response to Navalny’s Death

Russia adds Lindsey Graham to list of ‘terrorists’ after he pushes consequences for Navalny’s death

Senator Lindsey Graham has found himself on Russia’s roster of “extremists and terrorists” in the wake of his recent proposal that the United States brand Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism following the demise of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

Initial reports from Russian state media confirmed Graham’s inclusion on the list, which falls under the purview of Rosfinmonitoring, the nation’s state financial oversight body. Graham’s placement on the list came shortly after he squarely pointed the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin for Navalny’s demise in prison just last week.

In a Sunday interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Graham eulogized Navalny, stating, “Navalny was one of the bravest people I ever met. When he went back to Russia he had to know he was going to be killed by Putin, and he was murdered by Putin.”

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham (Credits: FOX 28 Savannah)

Graham further echoed sentiments aligning with President Biden’s stance, advocating for punitive measures against Russia, asserting, “President Biden told Putin, if something happens to Navalny, you’re going to pay a price. President Biden, I agree with you, the price they should pay is to make Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.”

The passing of the 47-year-old Navalny has sparked international dismay and condemnation. Navalny, a prominent critic of Putin, had been the target of repeated attacks in recent years, enduring imprisonment and poisoning. His demise comes just a month ahead of Russia’s presidential election, in which Putin is expected to extend his more than two-decade-long tenure at the helm of the nation.

This development follows the addition of two U.S. journalists, Tom Rogan and Hugo Gurdon of the Washington Examiner, to Russia’s list of “extremists and terrorists” earlier this month, as per report.

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