There Sure Are a Lot of Chinese Illegal There’s Certainly a Significant Influx of Chinese Unauthorized Immigrants Crossing the Southern Bordermmigrants Sneaking Over the Southern Border

There Sure Are a Lot of Chinese Illegal Immigrants Sneaking Over the Southern Border

President Joe Biden’s border challenge is becoming increasingly diverse, with reports indicating a significant uptick in the percentage of undocumented immigrants arriving from China at the southern border.

This surge is likely to prompt questions and perhaps even necessitate the use of translation tools such as Google Translate among border officials. Border Patrol agents have encountered growing numbers of Chinese nationals attempting to cross into the United States.

Chinese migrants now constitute the fastest-growing demographic crossing into the United States via the southern border.

Customs and Border Protection agents encountered over 24,000 Chinese immigrants at the US-Mexico border during the 2023 fiscal year.

While this figure remains relatively small compared to the influx from other nations like Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, it marks a significant increase compared to previous years.

In December 2023 alone, Border Patrol recorded approximately 6,000 encounters with Chinese nationals at the southwest border, a stark rise from around 900 the previous year.

The surge in illegal Chinese immigration at the southern border has become so noticeable that journalist Bill Melugin, known for his coverage of the border crisis, humorously remarked on the limitations of his Spanish-speaking skills, given the “massive explosion of Chinese nationals” attempting to cross the border.

Border Patrol has been grappling with the influx of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers attempting to cross the border. However, the surge in Chinese nationals adds another layer of complexity.

Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Good of the Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector acknowledged during a private hearing in September of the previous year that understanding the motives of individuals from other continents was challenging due to potentially hidden information.

Gloria Chavez, chief patrol agent for the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector, also testified before the Committee in June about the substantial increase in Chinese migrants, necessitating the use of translation services and prolonged interviews.

Chairman Mark Green highlighted the national security implications of the surge in Chinese migrants, emphasizing that agents were overwhelmed and many Chinese nationals were being released into the interior with little consideration for their country of origin.

Reports indicate that Chinese immigrants are paying up to $35,000 to be smuggled through South America to the border. Some individuals have cited a desire for “American freedom” as their motivation, having embarked on perilous journeys from China to South America before heading north.

Notably, Chinese migrants have accessed online guides to navigate the journey to the southern border, underscoring the role of social media in facilitating illegal immigration and asylum seeking.

The Biden administration’s handling of the rise in illegal immigration from various countries, including China, has been criticized. The situation has exacerbated since the president took office, with no apparent resolution in sight.

The surge in Chinese nationals crossing the border introduces additional complexities, particularly concerning national security. With the current administration seemingly unable to effectively address the issue, concerns linger about the potential risks associated with this influx of individuals into the country.

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