Protesting Gaza Supporters Warn, ‘Don’t Blame Us’ if You Lose

Credits: The Times of Israel

Approximately 100 people gathered at the University of Michigan on Tuesday for a rally organized by the group Listen to Michigan. The group is urging Democrats to cast their primary ballots for “Uncommitted” rather than supporting President Biden, emphasizing their dissatisfaction with his stance on Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The rally, held in Ann Arbor, showcased both passion and the limitations of the effort to influence Biden’s policies on the Israel-Gaza conflict.

While the speakers, including former Representative Andy Levin and Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, expressed their frustration with Biden’s approach, the initial turnout was modest.

Gaza Supporters Protesting (Credits: Al Jazeera)

Attendees, mostly students, held hands in a circle due to the small crowd size.  Levin argued that if Biden’s policies led to a loss in the general election to former President Donald J. Trump, it would be Biden’s responsibility.

The event highlighted the discontent among Arab Americans, young voters, and progressives in Michigan, a crucial battleground state.

Levin emphasized the need for Biden to secure votes from various demographic groups, including Arab Americans, people of color, progressive Jews, and young people.

Michigan’s significant Arab American population adds to the complexity of Biden’s standing in the state. The Uncommitted movement aims to voice concerns and influence the Democratic primary outcome, signaling a moment for political engagement and activism.

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